Only in selected years and only selected barrels can become Alladium Riserva, a wine that we aim to present to the market at least 10 years after harvesting. Alladium Riserva results from the best quality of our passito wine. The best barrels are selected during ageing and left in the cellar for at least 5 years. After bottling, Alladium Riserva ages in bottle for 8-12 months.

Grapes 100% Erbaluce
Alcohol 14 % vol.
Colour Deep old gold.
Nose Intense, with hints of raw honey and candied lemon. Aromatic and musky, with just a touch of oak barrel wood. Open, continuous and homogeneous.
Palate Sweet and fresh to the palate. It opens to woody sensations, as detected by the nose. Full bodied, with a firm structure. Fairly warm, it yields a velvety, not heavy feel, with a pleasant, fresh finish.
Food Pairings It pairs well with confectionery, nuts, and also with blue cheeses, terrines and patés. It is a renowned “meditation wine”. Try it also as an aperitif.