Cieck Neretto, produced in limited quantities, was the final result of a research project aimed to the rediscovery of ancient native grape varieties of our area. Neretto di San Giorgio in the past was one of the most popular grape varieties in our area, while today only few thousands vines are grown. We offer today a unique wine, strictly bound to the history and culture of our land. Neretto di San Giorgio grapes are carefully selected and hand picked. The skins stay in contact with the must for an abbreviated period of time. A good maturation in oak barrels helps supporting the complexity of the wine and the varietal peculiarities of the grapes. Cieck Neretto is a medium bodied red wine, its marked fruity notes are sustained by good natural tannins.

Grapes 100% Neretto of San Giorgio
Alcohol 12% vol.
Colour Strong ruby red, with inky black tinges. Deep texture.
Nose Fruity, varietal and ample, with a light vanilla note and hints of raspberry and blackcurrant.
Palate Warm and vigorous, with lively fruity sensations. Good structure and creamy tannins, excellent licorice aftertaste.
Food Pairings Wonderful with both white and red meat, Italian first courses and sauces.