Cascina Castagnola, 2 - San Giorgio Canavese (TO)

San Giorgio – Sparkling wine

San Giorgio

Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG Spumante

Sparkling wine

This was the estate’s first sparkling wine. Our story began with San Giorgio in 1985. Remo Falconieri attended a course on sparkling wine vinification in the Champagne region, in Épernay. When he returned, he decided to experiment with making sparkling wine from Erbaluce, a grape variety which, thanks to its lively and appealing acidity, lends itself well to becoming a spumante wine. Remo’s family had a tradition for making home-made sparkling wine using a small wooden barrel: they called it “vin sfursà” because it fermented spontaneously in the wood until Easter, when it was time to take it out of the barrel and drink it. Remo grew up with a love of sparkling wine and a desire to experiment. Hence the nickname “the Archimedes of bubbles”, given to him by Carlin Petrini. He pioneered the traditional method with a native grape variety.

Grape variety


Vineyard characteristics

Pergola training, on loose, moraine soils, rich in stone. Average altitude: approx. 320 m above sea level Exposure: south-easterly Average age: 30 years




36 months on lees

In the cellar

Made from the vinification of Erbaluce grapes selected in our vineyards for their freshness and integrity. After soft pressing the whole bunches, a temperature-controlled fermentation process begins. The wine is then bottled and undergoes a second fermentation process in the bottle. After spending at least 24 months maturing on lees, the bottles undergo manual rémuage (riddling) on racks known as pupitres and dégorgement (disgorging).
After a further six months of bottle ageing, San Giorgio sparkling wine is ready to be uncorked.

In the glass

Colour: dull straw yellow with evident greenish highlights.
Perlage: fine and persistent with a voluminous and evanescent froth.
Bouquet: dominated by the fresh and mineral sensations of the vine, accompanied by light notes of crusty bread.
Palate: full-bodied, harmonious and vigorous. The froth adds volume and crispness. Aftertaste with just the right persistence.

With food

Excellent aperitif and accompaniment to all courses of a meal, with fish, white meat, mild cheeses and vegetables. Serve at 8-10°C.


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