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Ingenuus – White wine


White wine

An unconventional wine. It was born after a friendly squabble between Remo and a lady who is a great fan and promoter of natural wines. It is the wine that Remo’s grandfather would have made without selected yeasts, without technology. We say: “A wine that makes itself”. We use just three barriques to vinify this wine. The result is about 850 bottles per year. We decided to call it Ingenuus, a Latin term that has several meanings, all of which are perfect for our wine:
1. natural, native, indigenous, of the place
2. free by birth, of free condition, from a good family
3. liberal, noble, loyal, honest, straightforward, frank, as a free man

Grape variety

Local native grape

Vineyard characteristics

Pergola, in moraine soils. Altitude: approx. 320 m above sea level Exposure: south, south-westerly Average age: 30 years


18 months in third-passage wood, six months in the bottle

In the cellar

The grapes are destemmed and crushed. The must is left to ferment with the skins, which stimulate spontaneous fermentation, without temperature control. Maceration is carried out with pumping over and punching down for about six days. After racking, the wine is left to mature in third-passage wood, where part of the malo-lactic fermentation takes place. The wine is racked twice during the following 18 months of ageing in wood. Fining is the result of natural sedimentation in steel tanks during the winter and the wine is then bottled during the old moon of March

In the glass

Colour: golden yellow, with natural but not extreme clarity, as the wine is not filtered.
Bouquet: the nose features warm scents, hints of honey and vegetable nuances. Mineral notes of flint dominate.
Palate: in the mouth it is characterised by structure and fullness, while the finish presents hints of almond and a pleasantly tannic perception

With food

It goes well with traditional Canavese and Piedmontese dishes, from tufeja (bean soup with pork rind) to bagna cauda, to the classic “pinzimonio” of cardoons and Jerusalem artichokes. Cereal-based first courses, soups, white meats. Serve at 16°C, letting the wine breathe for a while, in big, deep glasses.


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